Are you an optometrist and looking to move jobs? Here’s our top 5 tips to consider before you take the plunge and start applying for your next career move.

Changing jobs is often a path we take to better ourselves. Better work-life balance, better pay, more responsibility, a level-up, a change in direction, a move to follow our passion. Whatever it is, we do it because we feel it is the right thing to do. But, it doesn’t come without it’s stresses.

When deciding on your next career move as an optometrist, there are some elements to consider in your quest to get to where you really want to be. Keep these in mind during your job search, and you can’t go far wrong.

Equipment and Processes

Whether you’ve been with the same company since the beginning of your career or have moved to different companies you need to be aware that every single company (even in the same industry such as the optical industry) are entirely different and thus their processes and equipment are too.

Points to consider:

  •  Are you used to the latest software and optometry equipment?
  • Could you work with a more manualised process or older equipment?
  • Do you want to wear an Optometry Shirt or would you like to wear your own attire?

Just by asking a few simple questions in the interview or some prior research during the recruitment process can help you to get a feel for how things work, and if this works for you. Here at Prime Optical, we make sure that you will be fully briefed on each Optom role so there are no surprises before you get to interview stage.


Culture in the workplace is incredibly important as it can strengthen the team, if everybody is engaging in the same culture. Culture also ensures that the right talent is attracted, so if you feel as though you fit in culturally to a company, then there’ll be like-minded professionals who feel the same helping you to get that much sought-after feeling of being valued. It’s important to consider company culture with every job role you’re considering.


What’s more important to you? Let’s face it, money helps a lot in life and can be a decider for some candidates, but it isn’t everything. If the optometry role ticks a lot of your boxes on your career wish list, and is something that you enjoy, it may be worth adding up what’s more important to you. Would you prefer to compromise on the role for more money, or compromise on the money for a role that offers an environment that you would prefer to work in?

Work Life Balance

In the optometry profession as rule you will tend to find a great work life balance. A few pointers for you to consider as an optician:

  • Always check the working hours at a practice as some practices are open later into the evenings so you may be required to work at these times. 
  • Weekend working is generally standard practice throughout the industry however we are seeing an increase in Opticians Practices offering limited or no weekend working and more part time roles to suit optometrist lifestyles.

Don’t rule out any Optometry role because the hours do not suit around your work life. These are very often guidelines and very often can be flexible!


Whatever your motivation is for switching careers, whether it be money, responsibility, a shorter commute, feeling more valued, or just simply for a change, you ultimately need to ensure that you’re happy in doing so. ⅓ of our life is spent at work, that’s a lot more time spent with potential strangers than our own loved ones. That’s why it’s so important to have a good working relationship with your colleagues, and that the working environment is everything you want it to be for a more fulfilled working life.

If you map out the answers to these questions before you begin your job search, there’s no reason why you can’t be onto a winner. That way you’ll secure your desired optometry role, at your desired company, getting your desired salary with your desired responsibilities. Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

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